You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero

This book is total no-nonsense, tough love to get you moving in the right direction. It's an easy read the summarizes dozens of self-help principles in a fun-to-digest way. A great introduction to the self-help world.

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

Changed my life. I can only read a few pages at a time because my mind gets so blown. The Power of Now helps me continually learn how to be present (for real) and stop resisting my own life.



Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

This is my coffee table book! It has fun quotes and stick drawings, and is easy to pick up and flip through for a jolt of inspiration. The theme of this book is basically "replicate, then innovate", which has been really life-changing for me.

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Liz Gilbert *gets it*. Big Magic is a great way to jumpstart your creativity-I read it when I'm feeling stuck or foggy. Usually, I start a chapter and then have to put the book down and go create something!

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

Listen: You need this book. If you're inclined to self-loathing, perfectionism, or killing yourself to make your goals happen, you really need this book. Imagine feeling good about your life, and soaking in happy feelings all the way to your dream. Uh-huh, The Desire Map can do all that.


The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

The Art of Asking celebrates all the nuances of being an independent musician and the joys of building a powerful fan-artist connection. I love it for all the crazy tour stories and an inside look at Amanda's brilliant/crazy world. Get it here.

Singing Stuff

The Zen of Screaming (CD+DVD)

This DVD is the stuff of legends-and if you watch it, you'll quickly see why. It's not just for screamers-anyone who does aggressive vocalizing/rock singing will benefit from The Zen of Screaming. It taught me proper breathing, gave me reliable warm ups, and explained vocal techniques in the easiest way possible.


Felicia Ricci on YouTube

I recently discovered vocal coach Felicia Ricci's channel and I gotta say-I'm a fan. She's got a great way of introducing complex concepts in a fun and easy way that don't leave me frustrated and mad at myself. When I need to refresh myself on vocal exercises and techniques, her channel has been a good place to start.

Throat Coat

Throat Coat tea is my magic singing elixir! I down it on stage in between songs, I keep mugs of it on hand in the studio, and it always makes my throat feel all slippery and smooth. I can drink this and literally feel and hear the difference in my voice. (Tip: squeeze the excess liquid from the tea bag to get the most good stuff into the tea.)

Singer's Soothing Throat Spray

This is like singing 911 life-saving magic. When we’re halfway through a tour and my voice is getting scratchy, I always know I can count on this to reset my voice. It taste pretty bad-I have to plug my nose- but it works so well that I can’t complain. I wouldn’t play a big show without it!



I'm at this site like, all the time. Danielle LaPorte is always offering soulful new ways to view the world, which keep my heart in check. I like to start my mornings checking her blog, or scrolling through her inspirational instagram.

TED TALK: Your Elusive Creative Genius by Liz Gilbert

If you're creative (and you are!), you seriously need to watch this. It changed the whole way I view the creative process and inspiration in general. The concepts Liz introduces make my songwriting and content making so much easier and more enjoyable.

Yogi Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy

This tea is my secret inspiration weapon. I like making a mug of it for special creative occasions, like when I'm writing a really juicy chapter of my book, or working on a particularly dazzling song. It's personal, ceremonious and comforting. And pink! Get it here.

Gala Darling is a self-love pioneer, and I enjoy visiting her site for a dose of fun and magical thinking. She keeps things simultaneously light and deep in her writing, which I can appreciate. 


Splat Pink Fetish Hair Dye

This is how I get my hair the perfect shade of pink, and manage to keep the color bright for months. I've been swearing by this box for years and it's still my go-to choice.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

I spray this on when my hair is too clean and shiny to add more volume/grit, and if it's just looking boring and I want a more piecey look. It smells pretty great and I like the fun mister packaging. It's the little things;)

Big Sexy Hair Backcomb in a Bottle

It's called "backcomb in a bottle" for a reason. I spray this at the crown and my hair pretty much rats itself. Lasts through long, sweaty shows even with all the head banging. Actually it lasts for like weeks. If you want teased looking volume, give this a try.

ROCKAHOLIC Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

I LOVE all types of dry shampoo, but this one's my favorite. It smells awesome, feels really good, and does what it's supposed to: add volume, fight greasiness, and make your hair smell nice. Tour essential.