I'm probably not supposed to say this, but-

Hey Icon Army:)

So, I'm supposed to be writing you a fancy update with all our exciting new Kickstarter developments, but I just can't even go there without taking a moment to freak out over the week we've all just had.

You guys, it's been one week, and we are like a thousand bucks away from hitting fifty grand.

I'm speechless. I'm propped up in bed writing this, staring up at the ceiling every other minute, trying to process this, what this means for us. What this means for the future of Icon For Hire, and what it says about our relationship with you. You know what I think it says? I think it means you care more than I ever dared to hope for. I think it means you're not just casual fans, hanging around the sidelines and checking in on us when we release a shiny new piece of content. I think it means that you are in this with us. Like, for the long haul.

And, I mean honestly, we've always felt that from you guys in a big way, but this past week has made that all feel extra real

You aren't just fans in theory, not at all.  You're legitimately stepping up and showing us & the world that you want this album to be made, and you're willing to back it with something as precious as your hard earned money. Amazing. 

We have so much we want to share with you, with the world. I have dozens of songs that need to be sung, and there are thousands of people who need to be inspired by this music. We've heard intense stories this week of how our music has been influential in people's lives, and that fuels us to no end to do this!

We love you so much. All of you. If you've already pledged, or you plan on it, or even if you can't, we love you. You are making our heart explode.

We'd be honored if you'd check out our Kickstarter page & pledge/pre-order our new album here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/youcantkillus/icon-for-hire-you-cant-kill-us