Listen to me: Your beat up, worn down, ugly self is good enough.

Listen to me:

Your beat up, worn down, ugly self is good enough. It’s not enough because you exist, everybody does that (so boring), but it is enough, you are enough, because you hold in you the capacity for full catastrophe living. You have the perfect storm inside of you for living at your fullest self, and we want that from you. Please, don’t hold back. Please, don’t fix yourself first and then show us what you’ve got. Show us now. We need to see you, scars and all, it will help us feel like we're okay too.


And I mean, really, nobody cares! I mean it! Nobody gives two shits about questionable pasts and cigarette stained teeth and marked up thighs. We stand in awe at the goddess standing before us, brave enough to show us how banged up and real she actually is. Wow! That’s what I want! That’s what makes my heart flutter! I’ll take that over some photoshopped wondergirl any day. We all would.


So, really, maybe I’m wrong, maybe we do care. Maybe its actually a really freaking big deal to us that you would be so wild and wonderful as to show us your actual self. We care so very much, not because we’re horrified or embarrassed for you, but because we’re inspired like hell to rip our own coverups off and show the world what we are, too. Isn’t that the best? Middle finger to pop culture and trying to climb invisible ladders and show the world how shiny we are. We are not shiny, we are totally scuffed up- cuz you know we’re alive and all- but our hearts shine out through our scuffed-upness anyway. So yeah, okay, I guess we’re kinda shiny after all.