No-Sew T-Shirt Tutorial

Hello! how’s your week been so far? I hope you're feeling amazing:)

This week on The REL Show, I’m walking you through a super easy t-shirt tutorial. It’s no-sew, and fool-proof-you couldn’t screw this up if you tried! And it’s just in time for summer festival season too-we’re adding slits and a weave pattern to create some much needed ventilation.


Click on the vid to see how easy this is- then grab one of your t-shirts and give it a try! Please tweet me pics (@barbieariel) so I can see what you come up with!

Speaking of summer festivals, we are just THREE weeks out from Warped Tour! This year, we’re doing a couple brand new things to connect with our audience, in a really big way.

For starters, we’re inviting you to watch our show- from the stage. Sound like fun? It’s called our Sidestage VIP Experience, and it also includes a private, more intimate meet & greet, an exclusive poster, and a sweet VIP laminate. We just  launched this week, and we’re already selling out-so hurry up if you want to be a part of this:


Just three weeks away from tour!! My favorite part is meeting you. Please, please come say hello after our set! We meet everyone, “VIP” or not;)


Much love!