OMG-WHERE did The REL Show Go?!

Hey my loves! How are you?? I love you so freaking much-I really do hope you feel it. I’m hitting you up today to answer a question I’ve been getting ALL THE TIME. On my socials, in person, at shows- and it was one of the most asked questions during my recent Twitter/Facebook Q&A’s.

—>What happened to The REL Show?!

Well, I’m going to tell you.

Here’s what happened:

I started the show a year and a half ago because there was only so much that I could fit into a 3 minute song, or a 30 second meet-and-greet. I was having conversations with you guys after the show while me and boys were loading up the trailer, I was getting messages from you guys on my Etsy shop, and I was interacting with you on twitter. Throughout these brilliant and brief conversations, I realized I had a lot more to say to you.  I wanted to keep the conversation going.

So I did some research, got with my team, and starting to brainstorm up a way that I could interact with you in a more direct, wonderful way, with no middle man or agenda, just simply to help spread some love and light among issues you guys were dealing with. I started The REL Show and began covering fashion, depression, song writing, mindfulness-basically everything I have learned and use to help me live a happy, healthy life, every single day (ok-that’s pushing it. Most days.)

You guys started listening. The videos went from getting a few hundred views a week to a few thousand, and I started getting more and more podcast ideas from you, the viewers. It was clear you had a lot of questions, and I was so happy to get to help! I was so happy you were a part of it.

So-if everything was going so awesome, why did I stop doing it??

Here’s why I decided to take a break: Filming a new episode every week became overwhelming, and was taking more and more of my time. We had spent money on lighting, sound, and a fancy camera, and it took a lot of time to learn how to make the show look good. Every episode was taking at least a whole day to research, prep, script, &  film-because, admittedly, we’re not exactly film/podcast experts, but we still wanted it to look good for you guys. (Well, most of the time. A few episodes I totally cheated on and just used my built-in Mac camera in a dimly lit backstage…I still cringe when I watch those.) It got to a point where it’d be Sunday night and I’d suddenly be like “Omg crap we have to film The REL Show tomorrow!” -and I’d have *no idea* what I wanted to talk about. I didn’t want to let you guys down so I’d stay up all night putting something together.

If you’re thinking I should be more prepared-I can’t ague with you there. Time management still isn’t my strong suit (but I did do a podcast episode on the subject if I ever want help lol). The thing is, we do this podcast completely for free. In fact, it costs us hundreds of dollars to make each episode! Between touring, running Custom Catastrophes to pay the bills, working on music, and  keeping in touch with the fans through Icon’s and my personal social media, I realized it was getting a little out of hand to invest so much time and money into something that couldn’t help pay for itself.

So, I decided to back off for a few months. Honestly, I didn’t know if you guys would mind or not. I certainly hadn’t expected so many of you to NOTICE and to CARE and to SAY SOMETHING about it! I’ve been genuinely touched by each of you that’s asked where it went, and when it’s coming back.

And so I wanted to reach out. I wanted to tell you my story, and ask if you wanted to help. I’ve looked into a few models for ways to monetize the show- sponsors aren't really an option right now, so like always, I’m counting on you guys, the viewers and fans, to make you voice heard.

Would you be up for a paid version of the show? If we asked for a couple bucks per episode, would you be into that? 

I've put together a little webpage that lets you contribute to the show. If there are enough of you willing to jump on board, we will be in good shape to get The REL Show back up and running well before Warped Tour. If not, I’ll revisit my strategy and come up with another way to make this work. 

Here’s the link:

Thanks for reading this whole thing:) And thank you for caring about the art we make, and the things we have to say. It means so, so much.

I love you.