Your Burning Questions Part 2

Hey loves!

How are you??

I'm especially excited for this week's episode of The REL Show because it answers music-related questions I get very often at shows. If you want to start a band but you aren't sure where to begin, this episode it totally for you, darling! I'm breaking down things like where to find your bandmates, and the single most important thing to look for in those people when you find them (hint-it's not musical talent).

I'm also discussing a tough subject that comes up a lot; what to do if your parents don't support your dream of being a musician. I've felt this tension in my own life and today I'm helping you put it all in perspective so you make the best decision for *you*.

Deciding to go after your passion can be really scary, but you're not in this alone! You are surrounded by a community of people who love and believe in you.

Have a wonderful week,