Travel Like A Rockstar

Hey guys!

I am so excited to be trading in the freezing rain a and subzero temperatures for Australia! My bandmates and I are about to embark on the longest flight we've ever been on to play Soundwave Festival 2015. We will be hitting up Melbourne, Brisbane, Abilene, and Sydney. I am beyond excited, but also don't want to go into this crazy long flight without a plan. I've put together some of my best travel tips, including what I like to wear while traveling to look put together and comfortable. I'm also sharing with you how I stay sane on long flights being the germaphope that I am ;-)

Lastly, I'm reminding us of the importance of setting an intention for an adventure like this. When you travel, it feels like the time either flies by, or feels like it's taking forever, and it really helps to have an intention in mind before you leave.

Hope you enjoy! Wish me luck!