Euro Mohawk Tutorial

Shawn Jump's Euro Mohawk has been a source of fascination and mystery for years....and today we are pulling back the curtain to show you what goes into this insane hairstyle. You'll probably be most surprised with how easy it actually is! 

Hair spray, two bobby pins, comb

Grab the front two inches of hair and apply hair spray on all sides of the section, focusing at the roots. Begin backcombing the hair on the back side of the section, then use your hands to pull the hair into a curl, puff, and pin into place. Spray to set.

Grab the next handful of hair (about 1.5 inches), and apply hair spray to all sides, especially the roots, and backomb the entire section.

        -Don't know how to backcomb? It's easy: Hold the hair up straight with one hand while pushing the hair down with your comb. Repeat this a few times until it's standing up straight on its own. It should look like a messy nest of hair.

Working in 1.5 inch sections across width of Mohawk, keep doing this all the way down till you run out of hair.

Give it a few final sprays and tease in any stray hairs.

That's it! It's even easier than you'd think-watch the video to see me whip this thing up in five minutes.