Danielle LaPorte: Being Yourself, Living Free

Danielle is joining me on the show today, and trust me- this episode is an episode that *you don’t want to miss*. I’ve been eating up Danielle's easy approach to goal-setting, and liberating views on going after my desires for years now. She’s completely changed the way I think about…pretty much everything.

So I may or may not have danced around my living room for a few minutes when I heard she was doing the show with me. (I’ll never tell.) The point is, I got the chance to ask her questions that I’d been dying to ask. Things like-what was high school like for you? Do you actually feel good all the time, for real? What about those of us who don’t know how to feel good?

I asked, and she delivered.

And I recorded it for you, so you too can learn about what to do when you’re feeling uninspired, or how to be yourself even when it’s really hard to do.

I’m gonna stop writing now, so you can go watch this:


I love you! You deserve to feel free and brilliant and awesome.

Let me repeat that:

You deserve to feel free and brilliant and awesome.