Full-time Fabulous


I have it in my veins, you know. Glowing like wildfire under my skin, waiting to be called in for duty. It stands at attention round the clock, listening for any sound of my bidding. I rarely bother. Thus it remains unused, day after day, and I, in turn, grow frustrated with its lack of presence. “Where is that wretched fabulous when I need it? Screw it, I will handle this without it.” And there begins another day of mediocrity, and we have average to show for it.

I was in Sweden last month. Sweden, in all its comforting, familiar feelings of home, and all its foreign, sparkly glamour. Being there.....blew my freaking mind. One experience after another, I grew increasingly convinced that I was supposed to be paying attention, that Sweden was trying to teach me something. And so pay attention I did.  To process my educations, I wrote a little bit about it in my journal. (When I say a little bit, I mean pages and pages, and most of it is just black coffee and Julmust induced ramblings, but some of it is actually applicable.) And I trust you, so I thought I’d let you read some. I even put it in italics so it would look fancy.

It was then, sitting at the table, that I realized how important taking the time to be fabulous really is. This is no small thing, this getting ready in the morning thing. I have always equated it with vain, insecure, worldly, girls who care too much. But then again.... I have not seen balance modeled to me before.
Also, in that wonderland apartment, I so thoroughly enjoyed my surroundings that I thought-these people have really taken the time to make this place fabulous. I feel so inspired there, the blog entries and song ideas were dancing in my head. It made me want to work, to get money, to buy fabulousness, which apparently can be purchased. (?)

Take the time to bake wonderful things, as my mormor does. She makes meals from scratch and new desserts every day! She puts out beautiful table cloths and fancy dishes. She puts effort into this, and yet she is content in a small kitchen and tools from the sixties.

Go out of your way to write as the language from your heart guides you. If you think of a better way to word something, go back and write the more beautiful sentence, it is well worth it.

Spend time reading wonderful books from all over the world about everything, as the bookcase in my aunt's and uncle's boasts.

Buy things, guilt free, that make you feel wonderful. Buy things that last, and be content with them. Do not be afraid of non-essentials that exist just for joy and beauty, they are so important!

For heaven's sake, drip yourself in fabulous! I honestly believe it would not be wasted time to spend two hours on myself every morning changing clothes and doing and redoing my hair and getting my makeup exactly as I love and remembering to actually wear all that jewelry I have. To spend the other 12 hours in a state of joy, surrounded by this art and beauty I have created all within and around me-is there anything more important than that? Does anything else affect my day more?

Turn on music you love, and let yourself love new kinds. Read fiction books because you love them. Drink tea! Paint your nails! Wear leggings and earrings and hair bows and perfume all sorts of needless accessories that say I am Loved!


Since then, I’ve relapsed into average several times. I keep forgetting how fabulous everything could be (or how fabulous everything already is, I’m not sure how it works). So, naturally, I decided to build a make-shift Full-time Fabulous Support Group in order to trick the rest of you into helping me remember how to be fabulous. Welcome!

And as all good support groups do, this first "meeting" is all about feeling everybody out, and seeing where we're all at with this stuff. So I've got some questions for you:

Do you feel like you tone down your own *amazingness*? Or do you feel like there isn't anything amazing about you in the first place?

Have you ever been moved by somebody else's fabulousness? How did that make you feel? (Sometimes, when I encounter fabulousness, I get inspired, but sometimes I just get discouraged).

Do you want to feel more fabulousness in your life? If so, what would that look like?

In advance, I just want to thank you for your brilliance and honesty! I think you're all freaking fabulous.

Love you lots.