(You are amazing)

You are amazing. Brilliant. It's time you embrace that, fully. It's time you start acting like it. No more guilt, no more feeling bad because others have it worse than you and you're confused as to why you're not happier. You have it all, darling. So go there, be that. 

Listen to me, I want you to stop holding yourself back. You have so much greatness inside of you, and you will walk and think and speak and smile like you know it. Stop ignoring the powerhouse life changing light that is a millimeter beneath your skin, spilling out at inconvenient moments. You WANT to be great! You WANT to be YOU! You have it all, right there, and you don't need to do anything to get it, because you are carrying it, right now. So stop spending all your energies on hiding your glory, and get out of your own way long enough to shine.