Attacking 2014 with Intentionality (or How to Quit New Year’s Resolutions!)

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I recently got to spend some amazing time with one of my favorite people, Jessica Hutchison of She is incredibly inspiring. Seriously, when we get together....things get insane. I left our time together feeling so freaking invincible and limitless that I started making grand plans for the new year.

We actually discussed the new year quite a bit. And we realized that we wanted nothing, nothing, to do with traditional new year's resolutions. We do not need more vision statements or longer to-do lists, we need breath, joy, and stillness. I am approaching the new year with an intention to find more moments of joy and stillness in my existing life, rather than try to hold my breath all year and accomplish....something. 

To be practical, here are some traditional new year’s resolutions that I’d be tempted to commit to:

Work out 3-5 times a week

Release a blog post on a regular schedule, instead of sporadically

Actually finish books I start, instead of starting dozens and then....forgetting

Set reachable goals for Custom Catastrophes sales and, um, hit those goals.

Those are great measurable things that I would love to see happen this year! But they are not my focus. If they happen, they will be by-products of my real new year’s resolutions, which look more like this:

Enjoy intentional, magical moments throughout my day. I want to pause.

Burn more scented candles and drink more tea, from pretty mugs

Grow in being thankful for what I have, and stop hyper-focusing on what I don’t have

Be content with who I am, no matter where I am. Even if I still live in this less-than-ideal town at the end of the year, I want to infuse love and beauty into it, instead of it sucking my joy.

Bake cookies

See what I mean? These are....soul....things. The cookies, especially;)

I’d love to see yours....please list in the comments below.

XOXO, Ariel