Well, it’s all going to hell anyways.

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I grew up thinking the world is ending. When you grow up thinking something, you don’t even realize it’s a reality that exists in your head, you just believe it. And you definitely don’t realize that it might not even be true.

I’ve spent hours of my life (about 3,600 to be exact, which amounts to 5 continuos months) staring out the window of our van on tour. I see highway, billboards, and miles of trees. I see these gorgeous trees and breathtaking views from my window seat, and I’ve caught myself thinking “What a shame, it’s all going away.”

And one day, I heard myself think that, and I realized what an energy draining thought that was. And I have no reason to believe it’s actually true. So here is this random, untrue thing sucking the life out of me every time I think it.

I don’t know where this thought came from. But I’ll bet other people believe it too. In fact, I’ve heard people say the stupidest things about this, especially after a tragedy happens. Things like this:

Well, it’s all going to hell anyways.

Things just keep getting worse.

It’s not fair to bring children into a world like this.

It’s just gonna keep getting darker.

We’re trashing our planet, and we’re going down with it.

We’re barely hanging on down here.

People these days...this would’ve never happened in my day.

It’s this message I keep receiving from bitter old people who are mad at my generation, from the news, and from inside my own head: Things are getting worse. Get out while you can. Dig your heels in, make the best of it and go through life holding your breath. 

No, thank you.

I plan on ENJOYING my LIFE here on this brilliant, life giving planet. I want to live life like the world is getting better, not worse. And I’m trying to live a life that contributes to this reality. 

Believing this truth changes everything for me. It helps me see the world for the breathtaking beauty that it is. It helps me see strangers as kind, potential friends, rather than suspecting them of all being child molesters or terrorists. I look at society as a whole and celebrate how far we’ve come in ending poverty, rather than hyper-focusing on the growing human-trafficking tragedy and thinking “The world is full of sick, disgusting people.” 

I’ve heard a lot of personification towards “The Universe” lately, things like “The Universe is your friend, be open to it, it is there to help you and wants you to succeed.” And while I don’t think that “the universe” has a soul and gives one iota about befriending me, I do welcome the notion that life is full of good opportunities, there is not a demon hiding behind every bush. And as I celebrate all the incredible good in this world and it’s people, I find myself energized and wanting to contribute more life and beauty to this already fascinating place.

You can think whatever thoughts you want, it’s your head. 

In mine, I’m making an effort to believe that life is to be enjoyed rather than endured. I recommend it:)


Much love,